Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Love boats - the paper kind!

Click on the image to read all about how our paper boat fundraiser brought Marlis and Peter to Mary-Ann's Cottage.  Newspaper article is from the Caithness Courier 16th June.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The "Westland" on now in the Western Isles - Benbecula

Museum nan Eilean, Sgoil Lionacleit, Benbecula
November 2010 - Early 2011.
It was in Museum nan Eilean in Stornoway from the 23rd June - end Oct 2010
Francis Street, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Brough Bay Association

Brough Bay Association  Beach Clean-Up & BBQ
Now on Sun 25th April 2010
10.30am - 12.30pm
(rain stopped play yesterday!)

Here's a few of them in action last year - this featured in my 2009 Westland Log Book.
The others are all eating burgers behind me!
They were delicious!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Papers boats sailed to Perth!

Paper boats made by Jane from Castletown and  MaryLouise Ott in Portland, Oregon are  now in Perth.  Click here to see photos of them in their new harbour!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

2010 Westland exhibition tour dates

Exhibition title ' The Westland'.
Makers/artists: Joanne B Kaar (Caithness Scotland) and Lynn Taylor (Dunedin New Zealand).
Dates: 1st May 2010 - 19th June 2010
Exhibition venue: The Morven Gallery
Address: Morven Gallery, Barvas, Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides, Scotland, HS2 0QX
Phone 01851 840 216 /266

New Zealand +64 3 4330852 Fax +64 3 4330359
Exhibition title 'The Westland'.
Makers/artists: Joanne B Kaar (Caithness Scotland) and Lynn Taylor (Dunedin New Zealand).
Dates: 1st November 2009 - 20th April 2010
Exhibition venue: North Otago Museum
Address: 60 Thames Street, Private Bag 50058, Oamaru 9400, New Zealand

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Nick Hand - soundslides featured in Crafts magazine

Read all about Nick Hands journey around the coast of the uk on his bicycle a few months ago. He visited my studio and Mary-Ann's cottage. He is featured in the current issue Nov/Dec of Crafts magazine. A double page spread too! Do check out Nicks Soundslides they are just brilliant:

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Brough Bay Association Beach Clean-up and BBQ 25th April 2010

Brough Bay Association Beach Clean-Up & BBQ
Now on Sun 25th April 2010
10.30am - 12.30pm
(rain stopped play yesterday!)

Here's a few of them in action last year - this featured in my 2009 Westland Log Book.
The others are all eating burgers behind me!
They were delicious!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Final count!

Together we have raised
for the Caithness Heritage Trust!!


Thank you everyone.

My husband Joe, successfully bid on this one:

Friday, October 2, 2009

watch the paper boats sail by!

Oh, and I should warn you, it's a force 10 on the ocean - so the boats sail by quickly!


Friday, September 25, 2009

Top Secret!!

The fundraiser was launched in style on a cold but crisp January day with allthe volunteers who run Mary-Ann's Cottage, turning out to make a paper boat outside the the cottage.

Paper boats sailed in constantly for the next 7 months- hundreds of them! from 122 different boat yards in 25 different countries.

Quite exciting when the postie arrived each day! A fantastic response to our request for paper boats, I was really quite flabbergasted!

All the boats then went on display in Caithness Horizons, Thurso, and all boatswent on sale by secret silent auction. Bids came in from near and far, aseverything was also on a dedicated paper boat blog. At 6pm GMT Thursday 24thSeptember, the auction was closed and no more bids accepted. Now, you can imagine the excitement, wanting to know how many bids came in, did all boatsfinds a new home, and did we make any money for The Caithness Heritage Trust volunteers who run Mary-Ann's cottage!!?? And did I get the boats I bid on!!

Beki Pope, manager of Caithness Horizons, has the unenviable task of sorting all this out ! We helped to re-pack boats for their potential new owners. It was quite like a bizarre kind of bingo - Beki calling out numbers, while wecollected envelopes and boats from up a ladder on the wall or on the table -this was a very busy harbour!

Caithness Horizons are contacting the successful bidders over the next few days. We are going to wait until all boats have been collected and money in, before making our announcement of how much money was raised in total. The initial signs are good, as you've all been so generous, so again, I'm flabbergasted at what we've managed together - from just a paperboat.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

All bidding now Closed !

A big thank you to everyone for joining in the paper boat fundraiser fun!

All bids are now in and bidding is now closed!

If your bid for a boat was the highest - we'll be in touch with your over the next few days!

I am delighted to be able to tell you that ALL paper boats will have new homes.

It will take us a few days to do the final count, so check back soon to find out how much money we raised for the Caithness Heritage Trust to help them keep Mary-Ann's Cottage open for future generations.


A few pics taken on the opening night by Sheila Moir - Thanks Sheila.

And here's a few more pics of the paperboats exhibition!

1 hour left!! Bid for a boat!!!

1 hours left to bid!
Paper Boat Auction
Get your bids in before 18:00 GMT on Thursday 24th Sept.
in Caithness Horizons, Thurso and on-line.

Boats are listed by lot number.
There are 122 lots.
The lot number is beside each boat maker - so scroll down to see them all!
Some lots consist of more than one boat. If you are bidding on a lot number with more than one boat and are successful, you get all the boats in that lot number!

Start bidding from Friday 4th September at 18:00 GMT.
Bids will be reviewed after the exhibition has closed, at 18:00 GMT on Thursday 24th September.
Only successful bidders will be contacted.
The minimum bid is only £2.00
All bids must be made in pounds sterling.
Payment will only be requested from successful bidders, and could be cash, cheque, card or Paypal.
Please make sure you leave your postal address as well as an e-mail and telephone contact.
Postal Address:
Telephone number:
Date and time of bid:
Boat No: Bid Amount: £
Boat No: Bid Amount: £
Boat No: Bid Amount: £
You can bid for as many boats as you like!!
It's a secret silent auction - so we're not telling you which boats have bids already!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


BBC Alba filmed the exhibition and paper boat fundraiser today.
Watch on-line if you live in the UK.

It will be broadcast on Wednesday 9th September.
You can watch live and then only 24 after first being broadcast.

Here's what to do!

Go to this website: then go to the box headed Naidheachdan (its on the lefthand side )and click on the link for An La (It's on the righthand side). There are two programme options available, one is for watching live (8pm - 8.30pm) and the other is for the most recent programme played. An La is Gaelic for The Day. An La is a news programme. Our paper boat fundraiser is one of many news items broadcast.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Setting up the exhibition!

I'm busy setting up the exhibition in Caithness Horizons.. ...........
To get you in the mood, watch me being interviewed in Mary-Ann's cottage by Nick Hand.......with a few of your boats!
Click on the photo of Mary-Ann's Cottage to watch!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

BBC Alba to film the paper boat exhibition!

BBC Alba travelled north and filmed the launch of the paper boat fundraiser on a cold day outside Mary-Ann's Cottage in January!

BBC Alba are to return...........and will be filming the exhibition in Caithness Horizons during the first week it is open. I'll be adding links so you can watch it online tooooooooo........

Friday, August 21, 2009

Harbour Gates Have now Closed!

Thank you to all the boat makers from around the world!

122 - UK - Elaine Allison

Hi Joanne, here are my boats! Hope they make it!


Now on the gallery wall!

121 - UK - George and Linda

Two boats from West Lake Orchards in Devon. One is the apple boat - on a Maori flax basket with apple sail. This sybolizes our farm's main business and the other is the bee boat and symbolizes our love of beekeeping and our hives. Linda and George (apple juice & cider)

120 - UK - Jane Bregazzi

Dear Joanne, I have some paper boats for you from lots of different playgroups/artworkshops. The children loved becoming involved in your project and got a lot out of it. Good luck with your fundraising for Mary-Ann’s cottage. Very best wishes Jane Bregazzi.

The boat makers were:
Brora Gaarfields August 2009 3yrs – 13yrs
Golspie Feis July 2009 8yrs – 12 yrs
Golspie Sutherland Easter 2009 Art and Storytelling
Strathpeffer July 2009 5yrs – 11yrs
North Kessock – August 2009
Culbokie July 2009 5yrs – 11yrs
Isle of Barra (Feis) July 2009 3yrs – 13yrs
Invergordon August 2009 5yrs – 11yrs
Dornoch Allsorts Summer 2009 5yrs – 12yrs
Golspie March 2009
The photograh is of boatmakers in Golspie, and was taken by Clive Grewcock for their local newspaper.

119 - Croatia - Tina Zec and friends

Joanne, Good luck and success with your fundraiser and other creative endeavors. With best wishes Tina Zec and friends. Zagreb School of Economics and Management

I had been working on this project for you in March. I made some myself using directions posted and got so excited about all the variations of paper boats possible that I did it as an art workshop for my daughter, Josie's 2nd grade class here in Zagreb. I but luckily my daughter is bilingual so she helped tell her classmates what to do. My son Darian also helped to get ready for his pirate birthday party on March 8. I found your site looking for directions to make for his themed event.
I got my college class involved as a warm up activity and used it to explain the power of an idea (yours).
The boats are made from Croatia: Croata Kravata Tie Company catalogpages decorated with the Croatian horroscope symbols from a localmagazine, a toy catalog, Lider Magazine, FT How to spend it magazine,and construction paper boats which were used for Boys Birthday party decorations.
The boat makers were: Tina Zec and friends from:- primary school(Class 2B at Kuslanova Primary School which included Josephine Zec (age 8) and 19 others.- college class (Customer Relationship Management course members at Zagreb School of Economics and Management including Dora Preloznjak,Valentin Descamps, Sanda Milunovic, Jean Baptiste Lafitte, Ana Paulina Zamudio, Arnaud Mounes, Elena Plavetic, Kata Zovkic, Luka Sepcic, and 10 others).
I am so glad that they finally set sail for your event.

118 - UK - Caithness - Mick O' Donnell


It has been a long journey, while was William Young was on the maiden voyage of the ‘Westland’, we were on the maiden voyage of our new house ‘Burifa’. We are now ship-shape, safely tied up and on firm ground ready for the future.
The ‘Rolling Home’ is made from local sycamore (Thurso Scotland) with an artists brush for the mast. We wish her ‘Bon voyage’ wherever she may sail.

(Still shows the old house!)


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

117 - UK - Deirdre Nelson

Paper boats with a postcard printed with knitted fish from Deirdres collaboration with Unst Peerie knitters - an afterschool knitting club in Shetland.
Hi Joanne, My boats at last!
My boat is made from paper printed with fisherman’s gansey patterns.
“ A fisherman’s gansey was once his most distinctive feature. A navy blue jumper, patterned on the top half and part of the sleeves was a proud possession. It was likely to be knitted by a loved one and carried a pattern characteristic of the fishing port of the family.” Project looks great. Deirdre.

Click here to see lots of photos of Deirdre work.

Monday, August 17, 2009

116 - New Zealand - Beth and Chris Garey

1. Red Boat by Beth Garey (11) Printed from an original design by Beth after a printmaking session with Lynn Taylor. All of the icons have special meanings to Beth.

2. Foil Boat by Beth Garey (11) with seagull.

3. Poety boat (handwritten in pencil on the boat).
Small wooden planks neatly assembled into a tree, into paper, into a boat, a dinghy.
The boat is slow to age and slow to rot .
The weather hammers, the weather beats upon the wooden prow, the curving sides and the slender oars.
The rain lashes it until the oars fall in the water and the boat sinks.
Beneath the silent water there is a peace, there is a calm, from wave to sand, battered wood surfaces on some far off shore like a beached message. And then it rots far up the beach onto the land, and the soil builds up into a tree. Into a boat.

by Beth Garey (11) Broad Bay

4.Memories of My Grandmother by Chrisine Garey Broad Bay, Dunedin, NZ
28th July 2009

For the grandmother you gave me, for the mother you gave me, and for the daughter you gave me - the precious women in my life - I cherish your memory, Greatgrandmother of mine. Safe voyage home to the old country.

Though I never met you, gentle soul, you are much remembered and much loved,

Christine x

Click on text to read.

I'm holding the boats.

115 - Brazil - Barbara Benz

My boat's travel.

Hello Joanne, My boat is made from an ordinary print paper, with the image of ship containers from internet news, and some stamps. A little joke between light paper boat and heavy cargo ship, traveling from Brazil to UK.

I have a blog, I am a beginner. I post my impressions about the piece of world around me, sometimes what I see, I feel, I think; my arts also. Sorry it is only in Portuguese!

Porto Alegre, Rio Grande du Sul, Brazil

Friday, August 14, 2009

114 - Brazil - Daisy Maciel

Dear Joanne, love your paper boat project. I found it in the FiberArts magazine. Please find enclosed my contribution for your project. My boat is made from phone threads, glass beads. To tie the box, old paper thread. The “sea” is handmade felt. This paper is handmade – I made it. My name is Daisy Maciel. I’m from Porto Alegre, a city in Rio Grande du Sul, Brazil. All the best with wishes with your project fundraiser. Daisy

A love poem
Just to be simple
Don’t need anything more
Don’t ask nothing
No buy things
No need more
But have only one need

Daisy e-mailed me some more info:
"What a amazing surprise to see your carefully and delicacy, the photos are very beautiful. Thank you very much. I enjoyed your project in many points, one of that is its remind me my own roots. My ancestors came from Portugal and France (by boat of course) in the final of century XVII.They were farmers and cattle-raiser in a field called "IBIROCAY" almost frontier line with Uruguay. The history sheep's and my state send to beginning of colonization. They were originated from the crossing between the sheep brought the Jesuit priests and other imported races since the Portuguese colonization. They are called CREOLE SHEEP and in 2001 were recognized at an economic and social importance function.and creator numbers are growing around the country.
I made the "sea" hand made felt with Creole wool and I'm very involved with wool rescue.To explain better : the box tie is paper used to envolved thread phone antiques."

Thursday, August 13, 2009

113 - Finland - Tarja Trygg

This little boat has had quite a journey…….starting in the snow in Helsinki, then a short stop with Roderick Wathen who lives in Mary Ann’s Cottage on the Isle of Skye………thanks Roderick for re-launching Tarja’s boat and sending it to me!!
Tarja Trygg
Licentiate of Art University of Art and Design Helsinki TAIKSchool of Art Education Helsinki.

112 - USA - Rhona and Sheena MacDonald

Ok some folks will go to great lengths to send me a paper boat from far away……. Sheena and Rhona are from Caithness, but in the USA for a short time…….

Dear Joanne, Here is our attempt at paper boats. Rhona used the cartoon page from the ‘local’ paper ‘The Tri City Herald’ and she has managed to set the ships cat (Garfield) just in the correct place - looks like he is heading for a snooze! Inspiration for the other one came from watching the fast boats race on the river last weekend. What a short journey it would have been it NZ if they had one of those boats! Speak soon. Sheena and Rhona.

Monday, August 10, 2009

111 - UK - Becca Thompson

Dear Joanne, I hope my boat reaches you in time. I grew up in Wick. I knew Mary-Ann wnen she lived at the Seaview nursing home. I helped look after Mary-Ann when she was still a sprightly 90yr old. I now live in Southampton. My boat is made from George Mackay Brown’s poem, ‘The fishermans Bride’ and holds a cargo of fish. Good luck with the projectBecca

110 - UK - Caithness - Emily Millard

Emily Millard
Age 9